November 29, 2020

Verlane Aerial received a late notice call with as the cliente could not find someone to cover his videography needs. The site location was in a little town called Jondaryan,  5o km north west of Toowoomba.


A regular client of Verlane Aerial Photography gave us a call with late notice as he could not find someone to video his site out past Toowoomba in a little town called Jondaryan! Short notice….. no worries, 3am the next morning, we packed the car with all the equipment and left Ipswich.


When we got there….. what a site it was….. Kilometers of railway track, many machines and a tight timeline. Luckily, Verlane Aerial Photography are no stranger to Queensland Rail closures, so a safety briefing later our flight plans were finalised and into the air we went.

It wasn’t only aerial photography that was required, timelapse cameras, and 4k DSLR recording also made up the footage required for the day.

"We cover most areas in southern queensland.
Call us today for all of your media needs."

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